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.....................................................................................their those who live their entire lives without experience the love of another person........we call them bachelors.....their lonelyness......and regret combined that pityfull ghost.........
finely letting himself love allows him to finely rest in peace....

to do list

i only do commissons on the weekends and on holidays
:iconponys-r-awesome: art trade and commission sketch
:icononigiria: commission headshot and ref sheet half way done
:iconqueen-sombrea: custom star dusk hound
:iconpuccafan0101: full body gift

about me

name: pitbull-rave
Pansexual Pride Flag by Blues-Eyes
nickname: eno,ino,pit,straw fart
single for life

i'm a girl who acts like a fool and bitch at times but i don't always mean the things i say
i'm progressing to become a true teen and stop living under my parents wings
i don't talk much in irl but i sure can talk online
i'm shy when meeting new people
i'm single go get the beer and vodka i'm getting drunk to night
i cry when i feel like i ruin something i loved
i think people hate me after we get into a fight over something dumb ( i made )
i keep quiet in rps now when their more then 2 people
i'm a perv with pervy friends
half my contacts are british people (gotta love dem )
i got 4 bbys i love dearly
Skype by luishayes name pitbullraven
and thats all u need to know oh and i love poodles (typed that without looking)
Emokid ~ AT with pitbull-raven by BumblebeesAndRoses

:iconnowkiss1plz::iconnowkiss2plz::iconsaysplz:now kiss!

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Oct 20, 2014
6:42 pm
Oct 20, 2014
6:11 pm
Oct 20, 2014
4:43 pm
Oct 20, 2014
4:00 pm
Oct 20, 2014
3:56 pm


cant draw

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 20, 2014, 3:37 PM

i'm not drawing shit till i buy a new tablet or tablet pen my life fucking sucks right now
i'm sorry to the people that commission me but u wont get you drawing till i buy a new one and that might be in 14 day or next week 

i have to like promises that i wont buy anything else after this tablet pen ( or i either can go on amezon and buy a cheap one ) 

Skin made by MuddyShepherd

i love the sonic and mlp fandom so much

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 16, 2014, 3:37 PM

its funny how some people in fandoms tell u what u can or not do and others be like damn 
dat shit do 

but the sonic and mlp fandom is by far the funniest and saddest 

mlp is one of my top 10 fandoms righ underneath the homestuck and panty and stocking fandom 
but my god some of these assholes in the fandom are  just wow

u got people trying to help other improve and u got some being total ass hurt 

its just funny =v=

the sonic fandom is just wow some people had to quit da and get banned for the shit they do

like yoshiwii1 ( now bannded ) and  
AkaiDalia ( idk why this got big but whatever )  like the dumbest thing the sonic fandom did is fight over sonic eyecolor that was the funniest shit i ever seen/heard of from any fandom  

( just a lil thing i wanted to post because i'm watching rants ):CO: Pitbull by Freeze-pop88

Skin made by MuddyShepherd
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i'm not a stalker i just like watching you in your sleep

pitbull ID :>

8luh 8luh by RingaButt L3MONSNOUT YOU CORRUPT SCUMB4G, T4ST3 JUST1C3! by RingaButt JuSt HaNgInG wItH mOtHeRfUcKiNg GoAtDaD :o) by RingaButt THIS FUCKING ASSWIPE WONT LEAVE ME ALONE by RingaButt *ac bounces happily with the bestest kitty ever* by RingaButt Even more pixels by RingaButt

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WrappedInBlack Featured By Owner Edited 14 hours ago  Hobbyist Artist

Good so far or no?

Haven't done hair or ears yet... mainly because I'm thinking of a way to simplify them as it's posed to be a simple icon... like the Kittie one... should I go with the green hair or black fur top? If green, I gotta simplify it somehow... Also is she supposed to be a Raccoon or nah cause I think I made her too canidae-ish... unless coons are canids...
DjThePsychoRaccoon Featured By Owner 14 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's really good
When drawing DJ her hair kinda covers her eyes and yes she's a raccoon a raccoon dog to be in fact
WrappedInBlack Featured By Owner 8 hours ago  Hobbyist Artist
just googled Raccoon DOG... i WANT ONE... OK I'm gonna do the hair and ears tomorrow as I just got home and I'm tired. But I gotta think of a way to simplify it so it fits the style.
octacats Featured By Owner 1 day ago
hello o:
i don't mean to sound like i am doing it for attention or just whatever you wanna think..

i was just wondering if you wanted to check out my commissions,
i have been kind of low of commissions and i really wanna show my artwork out there.. so can you please? maybe. 

and i love your account! ;w;<33 so much cute artwork aaah! 
DjThePsychoRaccoon Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i'm really trying to save up points but i'll think about vuv
(if i hit 300 points i'll commission u )
octacats Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Ok sure c:
thank you for letting me know of course~
DjThePsychoRaccoon Featured By Owner 21 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
your welcome vuv
WrappedInBlack Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Artist

so is that good or no?
DjThePsychoRaccoon Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
omfg i'm so jelly

and whose eyes that?
WrappedInBlack Featured By Owner Edited 1 day ago  Hobbyist Artist
um... I'm trying to make DJ's eye... so I was asking if it's good or not... like what should I change?

well just the iris... the purple part will only be on the icon just like the other icons.
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